Wishart slams foreign office’s “woefully inadequate” response to UK workers under siege in Libya

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Mr Pete Wishart MP, Member of Parliament for Perth & North Perthshire has described as “woefully inadequate” the response of the Foreign Office to the dangers being faced by UK citizens, including at least two men from Perthshire, in Libya.

Mr Wishart who has spoken to the First Minister regarding these local cases in advance of Mr Salmond’s discussions with the Foreign Secretary said:

“The plight of foreign oilworkers trapped in the desert in Libya is causing real concern to their families back home. I have been contacted by the families of two Perthshire men in such a situation and I can quite understand their worries.

“The response of the Foreign Office to the danger being faced by UK citizens in this troubled and dangerous part of the world has been woefully inadequate.

“I know that the First Minister is speaking with the Foreign Secretary today to express the Scottish Government’s concern about the situation and I spoke with the First Minister to fill him in on the details of the cases that have been brought to my attention today.

“I have also written directly to William Hague myself and the details of the situation that these men find themselves is desperate and sounds extremely frightening.

“I understand that the oil installation in which they are under siege has its own landing strip, large enough to take a Hercules transport planes and I am urging the Foreign Secretary to do everything within his power to bring these men home to Perthshire quickly and safely.”