Wishart Welcomes First Minister’s City Status Contribution

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Pete Wishart has welcomed the First Minister’s decision to raise the issue of the City status competition during a recent meeting in London with Prime Minister David Cameron.

Mr Wishart commented:

“I am delighted that the First Minister is taking this opportunity to press the Prime Minister on the issue of city status and the way in which this most recent competition has been arranged.

“Alex has already put his backing for the Fair City firmly on record and it is great that he is taking the time to make our case in this way.

“All of Scotland knows that Perth is, by rights, a city. What we are seeking is Westminster’s official recognition of that long-established fact.

“It is a real shame that the opportunity for achieving city status in this Diamond Jubilee competition has been narrowed so severely by the decision to restrict the award to just one contender from the whole of the UK.

“I very much welcome the First Ministers intervention on this issue and hope that the UK Government takes seriously his representations. I have repeatedly raised this issue with the Minister involved and the UK Government must give us a level playing field on which Perth can compete. The plans as they currently stand are woefully inadequate. One winner from throughout the UK will favour large English towns with larger resources and proximity to the decision making centre.