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Pie Tax Could Cause Chaos in a Crispy Crust

Published date : 12 April, 2012


The Scottish National Party's Mr Pete Wishart MP, Member of Parliament for Perth & North Perthshire a visit to famed Perth pie makers, Murray's the Bakers to highlight the ludicrous pie tax being introduced by the Westminster government.

Speaking later, Mr Wishart said:

“A lot of the fuss surrounding the UK Government Government’s so-called ‘pasty tax’ or ’pie tax’ have centred around questions of how long ago assorted members of the cabinet last bought a hot baked product to show how out of touch they are from ordinary folk.

“There’s a bit of fun to be had with that approach but the fact is that there is a really serious issue behind these very poorly thought out proposals that could have a big impact on small businesses like the Fair City’s famed pie-makers, Murray’s the Bakers.

“The proposed changes to VAT rules could mean an extra 20% on the price of a hot Murray's Pie which will not just up the price of many of a city centre lunch break but will also mean more paperwork and probably reduced profits for many hard-pressed businesses selling hot snacks.

“The aim of the change is apparently to ‘clarify the definition of 'hot takeaway food' to confirm that all food (with the exception of freshly baked bread) that is above ambient temperature when provided to the customer is standard [VAT]-rated’.

“In fact, far from clarifying the situation, UK Government’s changes actually make matters as clear as gravy, leading to some utterly ludicrous potential scenarios.

“Such as: will the pie, bridie, pastie or sausage roll sitting cooling on the shelf have to be constantly monitored to check that VAT is not wrongly applied should its temperature drop below ‘ambient temperature’ and would cooled pies be liable for VAT on a cold day but not on a hot day?

“These plans have all the right ingredients to cause chaos in a crispy crust and ought to be ditched right now.”

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