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Published date : 20 September, 2012

The Scottish National Party’s Mr Pete Wishart MP, Member of Parliament for Perth & North Perthshire has welcomed the launch this week by the Office of Fair Trading of online resources aimed at helping internet businesses meet their legal obligations and provide a better service to residents living in “the more remote areas of the UK”.

Mr Wishart said:

“The OFT’s recently published a report on remote communities which found that, while the internet offers opportunities for people living in remoter areas to access a wider range of suppliers, delivery terms and costs are making it difficult for them to gain maximum benefit from the online marketplace. 

“Those who live in many areas which would not describe themselves as terribly remote would agree that this is indeed the case with unfair and unjustified delivery levies often being applied unnecessarily.

“In order to ensure online businesses are meeting their legal obligations to customers in these areas, the OFT has launched a number of online training resources.

“For too many online businesses remote seems to mean outside London so I am pleased that the OFT is taking steps to address this situation.  I sincerely hope that the lessons that the OFT is trying to get across will be taken on board.

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