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Published date : 19 December, 2012

The Scottish National Party’s Mr Pete Wishart MP, Member of Parliament for Perth & North Perthshire, has welcomed the long overdue decision to see the incredible bravery of those who served on the Arctic convoys during the Second World War recognised with a medal.

Mr Wishart said:

“Seventy years is a long time to have to wait but I am really pleased for those veterans of the Arctic Convoys who are still with us that their essential contribution to the war effort has at long last been recognised.

“It has been my pleasure to support their campaign and my pleasure to meet some of their number.

“The bravery of those men who fought the sea and the cold as well as the German Navy to keep our Allies supplied and fighting was absolutely key to victory on that front.  Their heroism has gone without proper recognition from the UK Government for far too long.

“With this decision, long overdue respect is being paid to the privations suffered by those brave men and I know that it will be worn with honour by those who receive it.”

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