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Published date : 20 March, 2013

Commenting on the publication today (Wednesday) by the Office of National Statistics of unemployment figures for February 2013, the Scottish National Party’s Mr Pete Wishart MP, Member of Parliament for Perth & North Perthshire.

Speaking this morning, Mr Wishart said:

“These figures show that unemployment across Scotland has fallen by 4,000 and youth unemployment by record levels – the biggest fall in over 20 years - that, for me, is a significant achievement and a vindication of the First Minister’s decision to appoint a dedicated Minister for Youth Employment.

“The individual constituency figures show Perthshire’s unemployment way below national average despite Westminster’s austerity  programme, lack of investment in infrastructure, and lack of growth.

“Clearly Perth is still an extremely attractive and competitive place to invest and work.  I congratulate the Scottish Government and my good friend John Swinney, the Finance Minister, who have taken concrete action with investment in apprenticeships, full time college courses and particularly in infrastructure projects.

“Scotland is leading the way in terms of the unemployment figures because of the actions that the Scottish Government has been taking to stimulate the economy and promote business. 

“While I sit in the House of Commons today, listening to the Chancellor for the Exchequer hike the taxes on one of Scotland and Perthshire’s key industries, I am very conscious indeed of how much better we could do for our country if the Scottish people had control of our own resources and all the important economic levers in our own hands, making the decisions that will make a real difference for our own country.”

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