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Published date : 30 July, 2013

Pete Wishart, Member of Parliament for Perth and North Perthshire, has welcomed the news that average speed cameras will be installed along the A9, and continues to support the timetable outlined by the Government for the full dualling of the A9 between Perth and Inverness 

Speaking today (Monday), Mr Wishart said:

“I am glad to see the measures that are being taken to improve the safety of this notorious road, and welcome the introduction of these average speed cameras.

“This goes hand and hand with the dualling of the whole A9 and I support the Scottish Government in its ambition to dual the whole A9 from Perth to Inverness.

“Everyone wants this road dualled as quickly as possible but in dualling this road we can not by pass by the say and views of those that live alongside it. It is also important that the crucial engineering works are conducted efficiently and effectively and that everything is properly prepared and assessed before this huge and costly project gets underway. 

“I understand that there have been calls to speed up the dualling of the A9, however we have to be mindful of the residents of the neighbouring communities of Bankfoot, Luncarty and Dunkeld. By speeding up the process there is the risk of disregarding concerns and not ensuring that the route is adequately prepared.

“This is an essential upgrade which has been carefully budgeted for thanks to the careful spending of the Scottish Government despite Westminster’s austerity agenda. Those who have called for a speedier dualling process are also the same people who deprived available budgets by voting for the unwanted and over priced Edinburgh trams. It is also up to them to explain which other budgets would be raided and what other projects impacted by the rush to push this project through before it is ready.  ”

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