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Published date : 08 February, 2014
Rock legend Billy Bragg’s online comments in support of a Yes vote have today been welcomed by SNP MP Pete Wishart.
Following David Cameron’s bumbling intervention yesterday, Billy Bragg tweeted:
“Alex Salmond is right ‘Cameron doesn't speak for England, he speaks for a Westminster elite’ Go for it, Scotland #Indy”
He also posted on his Facebook page:
“I'm in favour of Scottish independence because I believe that it is ultimately about accountability, as is socialism. If the Scots leave, we in England will need to make some big constitutional changes. If a new English parliament or regional assemblies are created, they will surely use proportional representation and, as a result, we will have greater choice at the ballot box.”
Pete Wishart MP said:
“These are really brilliant comments from a rock legend who is a long time campaigner for social justice.
“Billy – like a growing number of people in the countries and regions of these islands – is supportive of Scottish independence and what it will mean for the people of England.
“Only a Yes vote can deliver Scotland the powers that it needs to build a fairer country and help re-balance the democratic and economic deficit that currently exists across these islands under the Westminster system.
“As a Panelbase poll from the end of last year a shows a Yes result in Scotland's referendum can have a positive effect on the debate south of the border about the case for shifting powers away from Westminster to the regions of England.
“A Yes vote will ensure Scotland is an economic powerhouse with our future in our own hands – but an independent Scotland will also be a powerful economic counterweight to the dominance of London and south-east England, which will also help the rest of England and the UK become a more balanced and fairer society.
"It was of course the Westminster Business Secretary Vince Cable who said last month that London 'is becoming a giant suction machine draining the life out of the rest of the country'.”

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