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Published date : 12 June, 2014

HOME SECRETARY UNABLE TO PROVIDE ASSURANCE AHEAD OF SCHOOL HOLIDAYS The Home Secretary has been unable to assure Scots waiting for new passports that they will be able to receive them in time. The Scottish National Party’s Home Affairs spokesperson and Member of Parliament for Perth & North Perthshire, Pete Wishart MP raised the issue with Theresa May in the House of Commons today as the Home Office has warned of delays to new passport applications. Commenting, Pete Wishart MP said: “Theresa May was unable to provide any kind of guarantee this morning that people will get their  passports in time for the school holidays and there is the possibility that many Perthshire families could be affected due to the earlier start to the school holidays in Scotland. “Today I pointed out that fact and stressing how the passport fiasco is much more immediate and pressing in Scotland as a result – a fact which Theresa May failed to acknowledge. “We have already had many complaints to our office about passports which we have managed to resolve and if anyone is still having difficulties, they should get in touch and we do our best to help. “People work hard all year and tens of thousands are at risk of missing out on their holidays. “We already have a situation in Scotland where Scots can no longer collect passports from the Glasgow office and are having to wait for them to arrive in the post.  This issue could be resolved in Scotland with the-reopening and re-staffing of Scotland’s passport office – a solution the Home Secretary failed to consider.” 

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