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Published date : 14 August, 2014

The Scottish National Party’s Mr Pete Wishart MP, Member of Parliament for Perth & North Perthshire, has re-iterated is call to Danny Alexander to join him for a debate on the planned average speed cameras on the A9 after Mr Alexander again claimed that they were not wanted. Speaking today (Thursday) Mr Wishart said: “To suggest, as Mr Alexander has done in the past, that visitors will be put off visiting the area because of the cameras is simply mind boggling.  “This is a question of public safety and we have already seen the presence of the cameras having a positive impact on driving, and that is before they have even been switched on. “There is clearly a difference of opinion on this issue and surely the residents of both our constituencies deserve to hear the arguments being put.  “I think a good way of achieving that would be a public debate between the two of us where Danny Alexander can explain to my constituents and his own why he thinks people should be allowed to exceed the speed limit on the A9."

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