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Published date : 02 October, 2014

A new #PerthLoveFest campaign for promoting Perth as a vibrant, attractive city has received the backing of Perth and Kinross MP, Pete Wishart. Launched by local online magazine, Small City, Big Personality, the campaign encourages local people, businesses and visitors to work together in a celebration of the best of Perthshire’s retailers, restaurants, attractions and events.

Driven by social media, there is no cost to businesses or consumers taking part.  People are invited simply to post or tweet their Perth purchases, meals and event pics on social media with the hashtag #PerthLoveFest.

Nicola Martin, who owns and runs Small City, Big Personality commented:

“The idea is that if everyone comes together to talk about Perth and all the things that we love to buy, see and do here then we can collectively give our small city a big voice. Social media is incredibly powerful now and with everyone already posting images of their delicious meals, new shoes and friends at events we’re more than half-way there!”

Pete Wishart has given the campaign his full backing and is encouraging everyone to get involved, saying:

“Most of us use social media regularly now and with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all a natural part of our everyday lives it makes this a really simple idea to be part of. I can see #PerthLoveFest quickly becoming a social media trend and in amongst the doom and gloom, sending out positive, feel-good messages about the city is incredibly unifying. I’m delighted to see it being driven as a free initiative.”

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