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Published date : 26 January, 2015


Welcoming the publication of statistics showing that the number of drivers caught speeding on the A9 has fallen dramatically since average speed cameras were introduced, the Scottish National Party’s Mr Pete Wishart MP, Member of Parliament for Perth & North Perthshire, praised the Scottish Government’s commitment to improving safety on the A9 and called on Danny Alexander MP to end his campaign against the average speed cameras, saying:

“These are very welcome figures indeed.  A reduction in the number of drivers being caught speeding shows that these cameras are absolutely doing their job in positively influencing driver behaviour and reducing excessive speeds on the A9. 

“Reducing speed is an extremely important factor in reducing the number of serious incidents on this road and the fact that these cameras are there means that my constituents and others can feel safer as they travel the A9.

“A further, and even more important, endorsement of the role the average speed cameras are playing is the extremely welcome news that, since they were introduced, the accident rate has come down.

“It is now extremely important that prominent opponents of the average speed cameras, such as Danny Alexander, bring an end to the campaign against the cameras which can only serve to put my constituents and his at further risk on this road.

"Mr Alexander is a Secretary of State and he really should be seen to be acting responsibly.  He must acknowledge and accept the findings in this report and publicly acknowledge that the cameras have improved safety.

“The Scottish Government’s commitment to addressing the long-standing issues of road safety on the A9 has been very welcome indeed.  The investment in average speed cameras is clearly paying off already and the work on upgrading the full length of this important local and national artery from Perth to Inverness is well underway.”

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