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Published date : 21 August, 2015

Perth and North Perthshire MP, Pete Wishart, has highlighted the value that the T in the Park festival brings to Perthshire and the wider Scottish economy.

Speaking on the issue, Mr Wishart said:

"I am growing increasingly frustrated at the continuing carping surrounding T in the Park and the damage that this is doing to the long term future of the event.  


“T in the Park brings in millions of pounds to the Perthshire and general Scottish economy and it is one of the elite music events in Europe. I know, as a former musician, the value that a festival of this scale brings to Scotland's cultural profile, whilst allowing the Scottish public an opportunity to see some of the world’s top bands perform here in wonderful Perthshire.   More than that, it affords an opportunity for emerging Scottish artists to play with some of the world’s biggest artists and many, now successful, Scottish artists started on one of the T break stages.

“Yes , there were problems with the new site and that was only to be expected with the switch after many successful years at Balado, but it would be unwise not to proceed now after being in a position to learn from this experience.


“I also know nothing of the grant awarded to T in the Park from the Scottish Government, though it does seem to be in line with support offered to other large events in Scotland.  I just hope that those who are looking for any opportunity to continue to undermine this music festival realise the significant contribution it makes to our economy and to Scotland's cultural life and perhaps tone down some of the more hyperbolic aspects of the criticism."

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