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Published date : 24 August, 2015

The Member of Parliament for Perth & North Perthshire, Mr Pete Wishart MP, has outlined his plans to secure better regulation of private parking operators such as ‘Smart Parking’. Mr Wishart has also told Smart Parking to stop playing games over a meeting and address the many complaints about their carparks.


Speaking today Pete Wishart said


“Instead of playing games over where a meeting should take place, Smart Parking should respond positively to the many complaints and the sheer volume of fines they have issued to users of their car parks in Perth.


“In a spirit of trying to be helpful, I offered to meet them in the House of Commons as an alternative to them coming to Perth, and that offer still stands. It is now up to them to seek to resolve the many outstanding issues concerning their car parks, and I hope that this appeal will not be dismissed. 


“Furthermore, I am writing to the regulator and looking at securing a debate and a Ten Minute Rule Bill in the House of Commons to present the many unsatisfactory issues about private parking operators in our towns and cities. One issue which must be looked at is the use of DVLA information to pursue and harass the users of their car parks. There are serious questions concerning whether this is appropriate use of DVLA information.


“I have drafted a Commons motion, which I will submit when Parliament returns in September if there is no progress or resolution to this situation in Perth.  Other MPs with similar issues with Smart Parking have been in touch to say that  they will also sign it.


“We cannot have companies like Smart Parking harassing our constituents and remaining unaccountable for their actions. The regulation of their activities must now be tightened up.”


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