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Published date : 28 October, 2015

Perth and North Perthshire MP, Pete Wishart has welcomed the news that there were no fatal accidents on the A9 during the busy summer months of July, August and September this year.

 Speaking after the A9 Safety Group revealed the statistic, Mr Wishart said:

 “I welcome the news that, despite increased traffic on the A9 this summer, there appears to be an increase in driver safety. The A9 Safety Group agree that the average speed cameras have had an effect on driver behaviour and increased safety on this vitally important road.

 “Whilst those such as Danny Alexander and his Lib Dem colleagues campaigned to have these cameras taken down, the evidence shows that speed is down and drivers are adjusting their behaviour.

 “The months of July, August and September are busy months on the A9, with many important events and a greater number of tourists who are not familiar with the road. This figure must surely be welcomed by the naysayers who campaigned against these cameras.”

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