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Published date : 21 January, 2016

The Scottish Affairs Committee, chaired by Perth and North Perthshire MP, Pete Wishart, is coming to Perth for the first time to take evidence in its inquiry into the financial arrangements for the Scotland Bill, the so called ‘fiscal framework’. This is the first time that a Westminster committee has come to the city. The committee will be taking evidence from academics, economists and the Deputy First Minister and local MSP, John Swinney.

Speaking ahead of the meeting, committee chair, Pete Wishart MP, said:

“At the start of this Parliamentary session the Scottish Affairs Committee pledged to take the committee round Scotland and be accessible to the Scottish people. We have now been to over half of Scotland’s cities and it is particularly pleasing to me that we will come to Perth for the first time. 

“The fiscal framework is critical to the operation of the Scotland Bill and it is essential that we get it right. Amongst those giving evidence is the Deputy First Minister and local MSP, John Swinney, who is responsible for the inter-governmental negotiations. There could therefore be no more fitting location than in the city that we both have the great pleasure to serve.   

“I am grateful to Perth College UHI for hosting the committee and the meeting is open to all members of the public. Please come along and see a Westminster Committee in action.”


The Scottish Affairs Committee will be taking evidence in public session on Monday 25 January 2016 from 11.30am in the Brahan Lecture Theatre, Brahan Building, Perth College UHI, Crieff Road, Perth, PH1 2NX.

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