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Published date : 26 May, 2016

Perth and North Perthshire MP, Pete Wishart, has described a report from the House of Lords on devolution as “irrelevant and confused.”

SNP MP Pete Wishart said the report indicates a “spectacular failure” of the Committee to grasp devolution. The report published today (Wednesday) by peers who sit on the Constitution committee, calls for the Barnett funding Formula to be reviewed – despite a clear commitment from the Westminster parties that it was guaranteed.

The Committee has also recommended that any decision about a referendum on Scotland’s future should be in the hands of Westminster politicians - including the 800 or so unelected peers – rather than the people of Scotland.

Pete Wishart MP commented:

"This report indicates a spectacular failure of the committee to grasp devolution, and its recommendations would break the Vow and promises made to the people of Scotland during the referendum campaign.

“This House of Lords report is irrelevant and adds nothing to the debate. The decisions about the future of the government of Scotland should rightly be made by the people who live and work here.

"Decisions about Scotland's future should not be left to a group of cronies and politicians who have been rejected by the electorate and have no democratic accountability whatsoever.

“The House of Lords are trundling out the same old arguments and seem to be confused that in the Fiscal Framework  - agreed between the Scottish and UK Governments - it is crystal clear that the Barnett formula will remain.

“The SNP at Westminster and in the Scottish Government will continue to make the case for further powers to be devolved to the Scottish Parliament and while the Scotland Act does not go as far as we would wish, we will always use all the powers available to us in the best interests of the people of Scotland.

“Devolution can’t be a ‘one size fits all’ approach and should not be determined by politicians so woefully out of touch as the members of the House of Lords.

“Peers live in a privileged ermine clad bubble with absolutely no accountability whatsoever and they might do better to debate their own abolition instead of hours wasted on how they think democracy will work better for the rest of us.”


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