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Published date : 30 August, 2016

Pete Wishart MP, Member of Parliament for Perth & North Perthshire has welcomed the publication of data showing that there has been a marked reduction in fatalities and injuries on the A9 between Inverness and Dunblane since the introduction of average speed cameras on the route.

Mr Wishart, who has been a strong advocate of the cameras, said:

“Safety has to be our number one point of reference when discussing the impact of the average speed cameras and the figures, frankly, speak for themselves.

 “The three year evaluation period for the cameras is now at its half-way stage and over the last 18 months, four fewer people have been killed, 22 fewer seriously injured and 62 fewer people slightly injured than in the previous comparable period.

 “While we would all dearly love to see a situation where there were absolutely no incidents at all on the A9, it is clear to me from the information that we now have available that the average speed cameras are having a marked and positive effect.

 “I look forward to safety figures for the A9 continuing to improve in the future as new stretches of dual carriageway are completed but it is really good news that, right now, the data is clearly pointing to the route being significantly safer since the cameras were introduced.”


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