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Published date : 30 January, 2019

Pete Wishart, has welcomed the news that the Perth City Hall project has finally received the go ahead from planners. The building has been empty for 14 years and has been the subject of much discussion over its future.


Pete has urged that there must be no further delay and as minimal disruption as possible to neighbouring businesses whilst the renovation gets underway.


Pete said:


“This project has been a long time in coming and I am pleased to see it finally get the green light. It is important that the project commences full steam ahead and that there are no further delays or disruption.


“I understand that neighbouring businesses will benefit from the project in the long-term, but I am keen that there be as little disruption as possible whilst the works get under way.


“With regards to the proposal to bring the Stone of Destiny to the newly opened City Hall, I plan to contact those responsible for the stone to reemphasise the importance that it could play in this new facility. Some Tory MSPs were trying to play games and meddle to keep the Stone of Destiny at Edinburgh Castle, but it is important that we put party allegiance aside and help to deliver a world class facility, which will help to attract visitors to cities outside Edinburgh and Glasgow.


“The new facility in Perth will be free to visit, unlike Edinburgh Castle, which currently charge a substantial fee to see the stone.”


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