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Local MP backs Coupar Angus concerns over battery storage plans

Published date : 03 June, 2019

Perth and North Perthshire MP, Pete Wishart, has echoed the concerns of residents in Coupar Angus who have written to him about plans to build a battery storage facility in the town. Planning permission has been sought to install a facility which would allow the storage of excess energy from the National Grid. However, the plans have been met with widespread resistance from the local Community Council and residents.

Speaking today Mr Wishart said:

I fully understand the need to capture excess energy being produced so that it can be used at a later time, but I share the apprehensions of the Coupar Angus and Benochy Community Council who have concerns about the suitability of the site and matters about safety and security of the facility. 

“The principal behind the technology is excellent but I do question whether this is the most appropriate site for it to be located. I understand that a lot of local residents have put in objections to the local authority and these will obviously be considered as part of the planning application."

Councillor Fiona Sarwar added: 

A number of residents in Coupar Angus have raised this matter with me and I have been encouraging them to ensure that they made their feelings known to the planning department. I think the concerns that the community council and others have raised about the suitability of the site are extremely valid points and I am keenly awaiting the decision from planning.”

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