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Wishart seeks answers for Council Recycling Failings 

Published date : 02 November, 2021
News Release from Pete Wishart MP
Attn: News Desk  -  For immediate release 02 November 2021
Wishart seeks answers for Council Recycling Failings 
Pete Wishart, MP for Perth and North Perthshire, has written to Perth and Kinross councillor, Murray Lyle, seeking clarity on what is being done to ensure the council meets its recycling obligations. 
This comes after Cllr Mike Williamson found that failed recycling efforts have cost the taxpayer up to £1 million over the last three years. Cllr Williamson arrived at this figure by totalling the cost of sending waste to landfill with the cost of processing incorrectly recycled waste. 
Additionally, the council's recycling rate slumped to 47% in the last financial year, far less than the 60% target, which will increase to 65% next year. 
Responding to these findings, Pete Wishart said: 

"I have written to Cllr Murray Lyle regarding these shocking figures. The cost of incorrectly recycled items going to landfill is a completely unacceptable burden on Perth and Kinross council tax payers and is entirely avoidable.

"It is also a matter of great concern that recycling targets are consistently being missed. As COP26 takes place, the onus is on all of us to double down on our efforts in the fight against climate change, and effective recycling strategies are an essential part of these efforts.

"Perth and Kinross has historically led on recycling commitments and it is disappointing that we now find ourselves in this situation. These findings demonstrate a lack of strategy as well as respect for residents of Perth and Kinross, and I urge these failings to be addressed as a matter of top priority."



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