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Published date : 10 December, 2021

10 December 2021 



For Immediate Release 




Pete Wishart, MP for Perth and North Perthshire, has given his backing for a campaign that supports parents in ensuring their children are playing online video games safely and responsibly.


The campaign is being jointly run by Internet Matters and Electronic Arts in the run up to Christmas. It teaches parents about parental controls on gaming consoles and encourages these to be set up prior to the consoles being gifted to children. As part of the campaign, comedian Catherine Ryan does a video game take on 'Twas the night before Christmas'. 


Resources can also be accessed on their website, featuring information on controls for different consoles, a simple template for gaming use agreements between parents and children, and advice on games rating and expert tips for parents buying consoles this Christmas. It also provides advice on how to have conversations with children if gaming gets out of hand, plus tailored advice for children with special educational needs or a disability. 


Both Internet Matters and Electronic Arts believe that using parental controls, setting digital boundaries, getting involved and having regular, open conversations about safe gaming is the best way to protect children to ensure they have a positive experience when playing video games, whether that’s by themselves, or with their family and friends. 


Commenting, Pete Wishart MP said: 


"Parents up and down the country will now be in the midst of buying gifts for their children this Christmas, and a games console will be high on the wish list for many of them. 


"I really encourage all parents to think about activating parental controls on these devices beforehand to ensure that kids can enjoy themselves in a way that is safe and appropriate. The controls are free and easy to install, and will protect children from the dangers of overuse, in-game purchases, and inappropriate user interaction. For more information, please visit: "



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