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Wishart takes part in ‘Bag O Chips’ Walk & Talk

Published date : 31 August, 2022


News Release from Pete Wishart MP

Attn: News Desk                                                     For immediate release: 31 August 2022


Wishart takes part in ‘Bag O Chips’ Walk & Talk



Pete Wishart, MP for Perth and North Perthshire, today (31 August) took part in a ‘Walk & Talk’ event organised by local mental health support group, Bag O Chips.


Local business owner, Pete Chan, launched the weekly event last year in partnership with the Perth branch of mental health group Andy’s Man Club. It aims to help people with mental health issues by providing them with a safe space to talk about their struggles, while enjoying the benefits of the outdoors.


Commenting, Mr Wishart said:

“It was a pleasure to attend Bag O Chips ‘Walk & Talk’ event, and catch up with Pete and the team about the increasing mental health struggles that so many people across Perthshire are experiencing just now.

With a spiralling cost of living crisis, energy bills through the roof and double digit inflation, for many of our fellow Perthshire citizens it is really going to be a case of eat or heat this winter. 

“It is absurd that this is the reality in a country like Scotland, where there is an abundance of natural and renewable energy resources at our disposal.

“The longer the UK Government vegetates in this time of crisis, the more suffering will be inflicted upon millions, and in turn, the more pressure will be placed on groups like Andy’s Man Club to fill the support vacuum left by the government’s reprehensible inaction.”

“With just days away until our next prime minister is announced, the government they form will have to command a rapid policy overhaul if we are to prevent this winter from being the most miserable in living memory.”



  • Pictures attached of Pete Wishart with ‘Walk & Talk’ attendees
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