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Wishart responds to deadly Perth hotel blaze 

Published date : 01 January, 2023

News Release from Pete Wishart MP

Attn: News Desk                                                     For immediate release 02 January 2023

Wishart responds to deadly Perth hotel blaze 

Pete Wishart, MP for Perth and North Perthshire, has responded to reports of a deadly fire blaze at a Perth hotel. His comments come after emergency services announced that three people and a dog died from the blaze at the New County Hotel in Perth.


Mr Wishart said:


"This is simply awful news at the beginning of the year when so many people are out celebrating. My thoughts are firmly with the families and friends of the victims. 


"When the news broke, we all hoped that everyone would make it out and would be accounted for. This is the last thing that anybody expected.


"I know the people of Perth will be devastated by this news and would like to extend their deepest sympathies to those affected by this tragedy.


"Can I also thank the emergency services who attended the scene in such numbers."



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