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Perth parliamentarians respond to announcement of cuts at UHI Perth

Published date : 19 May, 2023

News Release from Pete Wishart MP, John Swinney MSP and Jim Fairlie MSP

Attn: News Desk                                                     For immediate release 19 May 2023

Perth parliamentarians respond to announcement of cuts at UHI Perth


Pete Wishart MP, John Swinney MSP and Jim Fairlie MSP have issued statements following the announcement that the University of Highlands and Islands are to cut up to 50 jobs and axe courses at Perth campus. Their comments come after UHI Perth confirmed that a redundancy consultation has begun as the institution faces a £3million funding black hole.


Commenting, Mr Wishart said:

"These proposed cuts are deeply troubling and, if realised, would result in the dismembering of the facility at UHI Perth.


The consultation proposes 50 job losses with the prospect of even more in what is described as a second phase’ of cuts. What is proposed would not just have an educational impact, there would be social and cultural impacts too with the proposed closure of the nursery and gym facilities. 


UHI Perth is one of the biggest employers in the city and it reaches into every part of city life. I urge the senior management team to get back around the table and to work towards a solution which is proportionate and workable.


Also commenting, Mr Swinney said:

“I am very concerned by this news, and the impact it will have both on the affected workforce and potential students.


“Job losses are always unwelcome but, at a time of significant economic difficult for families across the region, this news will be particularly worrying for staff. I also believe that it is vital that prospective students have as wide a range of subjects as possible to choose from, and am therefore troubled by any potential reduction in the number of courses available.


“I am in the process of organising a meeting with senior stakeholders at UHI Perth to better understand the rationale behind this decision, and to actively explore any alternate options to the proposals that have been announced.”


Also commenting, Mr Fairlie said:

“The news about proposed job losses at UHI Perth will be causing a great deal of distress for staff members and for students. Upon hearing the news this afternoon, I immediately sought to arrange a meeting, alongside my colleagues, to seek clarification and to work towards a better outcome for staff and students.


“I am not only concerned about the 50 potential job losses but the uncertainty of them saying that they will be looking to cut further unspecified roles in the future.


“As soon as the story broke I  had contact from students at UHI Perth to raise their concerns and I am pleased that senior managers have swiftly agreed to a meeting.”


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